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Franco Monti

Franco Monti (Milan, 1931 - Ibiza, 2008), was interested in sculpture from a young age, specifically African sculpture, and since the mid-1950s he devoted himself to studying in depth all those so-called “primitive” cultures. Thus begins a long journey of research, travel, curating exhibitions, conferences, articles in specialized magazines, courses, etc., around African sculpture.

After touring sub-Saharan West Africa, Peru, Mexico and New Guinea, in the eighties he settled in Ibiza where he found an idyllic and perfect place in the middle of nature, where he could focus solely on his own sculptures.

Monti's sculptures are imbued with strength, corporality and in ways that do not forget his African past. This African influence is not so much by the form but by the way of devising these forms. The sculptor spent long hours meditating and reflecting on the sculpture and then in a short time he made it. It was the materialization of his dream.

His work can be found in important contemporary art collections, such as: Giuseppe Panza di Biumo, in Milan and Lugano; Gabriele and Giuseppina Caccia Dominioni, Milan; Vincenzo and Giuliana Novembre, Milan; Alberto Galaverni, Parma; Victor and Mayte Rahola, Barcelona; Ventura Garcés, Barcelona; Estela Matutes, Barcelona; Erwin and Christina Bechtold, Ibiza; Rafael Tur Costa, Ibiza; Leszek Muszynski, Ibiza; Marcel and Mary Floris, Ibiza.

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